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Riddles & Rhymes & Lullaby Times CD

mandy-headshot-portraitRiddles & Rhymes & Lullaby Times


This is a collection of songs for the music lover, the folk historian, the young and the young at heart alike, its also a song collection to put babies to sleep – just turn the volume down very very low and see what happens.


A perfect gift for brand new parents


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Riddles & Rhymes & Lullaby Times CD $20.00

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Riddles & Rhymes & Lullaby Times (All Tracks) $20.00
All Through The Night $2.00
Wynken, Blynken & Nod $2.00
My Bonny $2.00
Bunny Song $2.00
Liverpool Lullaby $2.00
Hobo's Lullaby $2.00
Dream Angus $2.00
Brahms Lullaby $2.00
Bobby Shafto $2.00
Riddle Song $2.00