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Riddles & Rhymes & Lullaby Times

mandy-headshot-portraitMandy Breeze is an Australian folk singer, specialising in traditional anglo-celtic ballads and folk history.  She has performed around Australia at folk festivals and music clubs, pubs and sessions since the mid 1990's. Mandy plays Mountain Dulcimer and Bodhran, but her main instrument is her voice, soaring, distinctive and clear, taking the listener to other times and places.

Riddles and Rhymes & Lullaby Times is Mandy's third studio recording. Unlike previous works it is all about children, babies and early childhood, yet staying true to her folk tradition. The songs are a collection of traditional, whimsical, gritty 20th century and one song Mandy wrote. 

They are all personal somehow, whether memories of  times long past bouncing on her Grandmothers knee, whilst being sung to, listening to her Mother (opera singer, Norma Breese, 1932 – 1985) or singing to her own children.

From the ancient Dream Angus to the 'Industrial strength' Liverpool lullaby (Nana Suzies and all her family before hers, home town), taking a ride in a boxcar Hobo's Lullaby to the beautiful Hymn of the Welsh coalminers, All Through The Night (A Hyd y Nos). From the classic treasure of the Brahms Lullaby to the Riddle Song, the oldest known lullaby in the English language  – all are special.

The instruments chosen are mostly traditional played by an array of wonderfully talented musicians that Mandy feels very fortunate to know and collaborate with. Including Harp, Gittern, Irish Bazouki, Ullean pipe, Scottish small pipe, Irish Whistles, Recorder, Flute, Mandolin, Guitar, Double Bass, Mountain Dulcimer, Violin, skilfully recorded and mixed by Mandy's Partner (and absolute best friend ever) Doug Kelly of 'Soundcolour' studios.  The other instrument of note on this CD is the beautiful voice of  Liora Lalita Claff, (ex The Larrikins)  subtle, deep, melodic harmonies in just the right places.

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