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Following the break-up of Tansey's Fancy, Linsey Pollak, Doug Kelly, Davood Tabrizzi and Andrew de Teliga found a new vehicle for their musical creativity in the world music band "Churinga".

The concept of “CHURINGA” arose in my mind during my European travels in 1984 following the demise of “TANSEY’S FANCY" as a vehicle for my music. In “TANSEY’S FANCY”, over a three-year period, I formed many important musical relationships with people who had all moved onto other things.

A chance meeting with Paul Koerbin in Tasmania gave me the impetus to bring three of these musicians, all who had at different times contributed much to the excitement that surrounded “TANSEY’S FANCY”, but who had never played together. At the time these musicians lived on opposite sides of Australia and had no idea of my plan.

It was a long shot, but I needed a booking for a band that existed only in my mind and would take substantial backing to make it possible. I found this through John Bushby and Australia’s biggest and best folk Festival – the Tasmanian Folk Festival at Longford.

I then approached the musicians who, fortunately, were all available and intrigued by the concept. Three days and nights in a haystack near Longford saw the emergence of an innovative new sound. The excitement and spontaneity felt by the band was caught by the audience who raged, danced and sometimes sat entranced.

"CHURINGA” was born. This album was recorded one week later.

Adding to their collective talents the wonderful Paul Koerbin, only a young fella then (he's a bit older now!) who apart from adding such amazing instruments as the Ud and the Shawm, also gave the vocals in the haunting ballad,"The Bells of Paradise" track.

Playing at two consecutive Longford Music Festivals (Tasmania) - one of the only two, then "premier" Australian music events.

If Tansey's Fancy started the concept of world music - Churinga certainly took the ball and ran with it.

Once more - this was the only record the band ever made.

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