About Us

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Soundcolour.com is the commercial vehicle for the creative pursuits & achievements of Doug Kelly and Mandy Breeze, and the wonderful ecclectic and talented bunch of people that they feel privileged to call their friends.


Soundcolour is also the name of their home recording studio – chief engineer & mastermind being Doug, but again, with helpful input from others at various times, and of course Soundcolour Studios welcomes other artists to record. Given the style of music (world/folk/roots etc) it tends to collect & attract artists within the same genres … forming a pretty funky little network of likeminded  folk.  


But there is more to it than just recording audio records, this is a multifaceted approach, so sometimes Soundcolour might run a series of Bodhran workshops in your town, (facilitated by Mandy) or it might copywrite some artwork and produce some cover art.


Soundcolour has quite a bit of history too - for 8 years (1994 – 2001) Soundcolour ran the boutique Northern Tasmanian 'Aquarius Music Festival' at Woodstock near Longford, and has for many years supplied & maintained PA installations. For a number of years Doug owned and operated music stores in Tasmania (Launceston, Longford & Hobart) offering the (back then)  exciting, cutting edge world of electronic computerised keyboards, computers and software, as well as a full range of other musical instruments and equipment.


Future directions? Mmmm, more records in the pipeline, but whispers of a book or two somewhere in the wind? Another series of Folk drumming?


Welcome to our World of Sound & Colour.